Successfully Navigating A Publishing World Consumed By COVID-19

Publishing Executive | June 30, 2020 Tips for publishers on navigating a publishing world consumed by COVID-19.

Publishing Executive | June 30, 2020 - Publishers have been operating in a challenging landscape. Media consumption has never been higher, but advertisers have frozen their media budgets - and publishers are feeling the strain on their monetization efforts.

A few tips for navigating a publishing world consumed by COVID-19 from Nativo SVP of Publisher Development Jason Kalin, as featured in Publishing Executive.

Elevate and Promote the Value of Strong Journalism

Times of uncertainty are not when you should let your content speak for itself. As brands begin considering their next steps, publishers need to remind advertisers of the value in aligning their brand with reputable, high-quality publications.

Refine Your Freemium Models and Data Practices

Success with freemium models comes from nuance. Publishers should establish tiers, make sure they’re capturing meaningful insights and adjust their value proposition for advertisers when considering employing freemium models.

Always Preserve UX

Publishers face a catch-22 with monetization: they generate revenue from people viewing ads, but those same ads often lead to high rates of abandonment, missed clicks and false advertising. Publishers should seek out partners that provide them with the best of both worlds by creating superior user experiences with organic formats and accelerated ad delivery.

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Jason Kalin SVP of Publisher Development
Jason Kalin
SVP of Publisher Development

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