Nativo Partnered with Alaska Travel Industry Association to Promote Alaska as a Year-Round Destination

Nativo worked with ATIA to promote increased tourism while helping safeguard Alaska's natural wonders and cultural heritage


Alaska is renowned for its summer and winter attractions that have long captivated seasonal adventure seekers and cruise travelers. However, the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) sought to expand this perception, promoting Alaska as a year-round destination for a more diverse range of travel interests. With the goal of creating new content that depicted Alaska in a different light, ATIA's ambition was to find a partner capable of crafting and distributing the unique stories that reveal all Alaska has to offer.


Having learned that more than 50% of tourists only glimpse Alaska's majesty from the restricted vantage point of a cruise itinerary, Nativo understood that such a limiting perspective overlooks the state's deep cultural tapestry woven through its history and indigenous communities. Thus the challenge and opportunity lay in showcasing this depth to reveal the full beauty of Alaska. By nurturing a richer understanding and appreciation, the goal was to champion year-round tourism that left a deeper impact on visitors who venture to the last frontier.


The Nativo and Travel Alaska Campaign endorses responsible tourism by shedding light on topics such as dispersed travel within shoulder seasons, and engaging in Alaska’s indigenous heritage. Leveraging Nativo's storytelling expertise and ATIA's rich destination identity, the campaign painted vivid narratives about Alaska's indigenous tribes and culture through a Native People Profile story, highlighting their deep connection to the land. Aided by Miles Partnership, these stories were brought to life with authenticity using interviews and vibrant images from various tribes. Utilizing Nativo’s storytelling platform, these stories were then presented at scale across premium publishers such as Fodors Travel, People, Outdoor Life, Reader’s Digest and others to enable travel intenders to discover the richness an Alaska trip has to offer. 


While it is easy – and arguably safer – to lean on tried and true itineraries and recommendations, it’s clear that destination marketing organizations that choose to invest in more differentiated storytelling can build deeper relationships with travelers looking to see their values and interests reflected in the places they choose to visit. The Native People Profile stands as a testament to this form of impactful storytelling, reflected in significant positive shifts in travelers' perceptions of Alaska:

  • Post-content exposure recorded a 12% lift in favorability
  • 16% lift in recommendation intent (“Would you recommend Alaska to a friend looking to plan a trip?”)
  • 79% of readers felt more informed about traveling to Alaska
  • 70% expressed their overall liking for and positive sentiment towards the Native People's content

Our partnership with Nativo to enhance and build our content was outstanding. The articles outperformed industry averages and drove highly-engaged traffic to our campaign landing pages.

We are especially proud of the collaboration with our Alaska Native partners to highlight their communities, traditions, and living cultures.

— Alaska Travel Industry Association

In an era where global tourism is continuing to break records, it's imperative to prioritize responsible tourism initiatives that not only enhance the traveler's experience but also respect and uplift the native cultures and environments they visit. This campaign and the content that was created within it, most notably Nativo’s Native People Profile for Alaska, is an example of advertising that leads with this ethos, promoting increased tourism while helping safeguard Alaska's natural wonders and cultural heritage for future generations.

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