Sweet Solutions For A Cookie-Less World

ClickZ | March 26, 2020 - Leveraging contextual targeting, personalized content and publisher data are key in a cookieless world.

ClickZ | March 26, 2020 - With rising privacy concerns, the digital advertising industry is making moves away from traditional targeting and tracking. The recent news like Google’s plans to shut down third-party cookie tracking in Chrome only solidifies the trend that the digital advertising industry is headed to become a non-data targeted environment. This – much needed – transition will create challenges for advertisers as they work with media vendors to carry out targeted campaigns.

In this ClickZ article, Sofia Maravich, senior director of client success at Nativo discusses how the crumble of cookies will disrupt the digital advertising industry. In a non-data targeting ecosystem, content consumption habits change, reaching specific audiences becomes increasingly challenging and questions around ad-monetization arise like never before. Sofia argues that leveraging contextual advertising and targeting, along with personalized content and publisher data are the keys to success in this new normal.

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Sofia MaravichSenior Director, Client SuccessNativo
Sofia MaravichSenior Director, Client SuccessNativo

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