The Challenges Commerce Execs Must Address Before Hurtling Into Advertising

Total Retail | December 19, 2019 Commerce companies face unique AdTech challenges.

Total Retail | December 19,  2019 -  As retail and direct-to-consumer companies look to ignite their next wave of growth, executives at these organizations are having to chart a path forward amid rising customer acquisition costs. As they do, many of these companies are setting their sights on a new beacon of potential growth shining on the horizon: advertising revenue. The opportunity to monetize the large portion of their visitors who don’t convert into direct sales is massive.

Advertising represents the next frontier for commerce companies, and not just in the realm of online and physical retail. All customer-facing brands that are forging direct relationships with consumers fall into the ever-expanding commerce category, from Walmart and Nordstrom to Uber and Instacart. If you’re a commerce exec who is (wisely) exploring a foray into the advertising business, you need to make sure you have sound strategies in place to address the following issues.


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Justin Choi CEO Nativo
Justin Choi

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