The Influencer Marketing Metrics Travel Brands Are Missing

PhocusWire | October 4, 2019 Why brands should promote influencer-created, brand content on their own channels and beyond.

PhocusWire | October 4,  2019 -  With the value of social shareability and peer-to-peer recommendation at an all-time high, the impact of influencer marketing on the travel industry is undeniable.

Business Insider estimates that by 2022, brands will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing campaigns alone - an incredible investment that, currently, amounts to little more than a gambit.

While the power influencer marketing holds over the industry is clear, insight into its ability to drive real-life business outcomes is often hazy at best.

The missing metrics in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing suffers from very little regulation and nascent third-party support, with most influencers self-reporting their engagement metrics to brands without third-party verification.

Trickier yet, many don’t have the infrastructure to provide the beneath-the-surface insights around bookings, purchases and conversions brands need to determine true return-on-content.

Put simply, most brands are spending millions on a marketing channel they can’t accurately track.

This issue isn’t surprising: Influencers aren’t publishers, they’re people. While they might have incredible reach, most are focused on awareness and storytelling, not on driving bookings or conversions.

This raises the ultimate question: without insight into how their content is truly performing, how can brands unlock return-on-content for their influencer marketing campaigns?


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Rachel-Jean Firchau Travel Industry Lead Nativo
Rachel-Jean Firchau
Travel Industry Lead

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