The Nativo Platform Gets A New Look

Coming soon: a new and improved user experience.

Coming soon to a Nativo Platform near you: a new and improved user experience.

Our new admin UI features updated Campaign and Budget pages designed specifically to address key pain points. With this update, we’ve included new features, reorganized the settings and simplified overall workflow creation, producing a new and improved experience. While we roll out these updates, you can check out a sneak-peek of the most important updates below.

The New Campaign Edit Pages

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 5.49.47 PM.png

Our Campaign Edit pages have a redesigned look and feel, with new and reorganized features designed to simplify workflows:

  • New navigation tools, including a new advertiser link clearly indicating which advertiser the campaign is assigned to.
  • A new Related Content tab (removed from Companion Assets) and an interactive display showcasing the placement of related content on a desired Content Landing Page.
  • Clean-up of the General, Related Content and Advanced tabs to make creating and editing campaigns more straightforward.
  • Separate Save and Exit functionalities to make managing updates easier.

The New Budget Edit Page

Our Budget Edit Page will also be getting a new look.

General and Fees

budget image 1.png
budget image 2.png

With this update, we wanted to make controlling your budget more straightforward. To do so, we simplified and cleaned up the Budget editor to make managing settings simple.

  • Two new windows: Budget Snapshot and Estimated Reach. These windows will update as you make changes, providing a dynamic view into how different settings will affect your budget.
  • The creation of a separate Fee tab and the grouping of Pacing and Delivery settings in one place.
  • Asterisks next to required fields and tooltips throughout the Budget Edit page to make managing fields more straightforward.


targeting image 1.png
targeting image 2.png

One of the larger updates to the Budget Edit Page concerns the Targeting tab, including streamlining workflows for selecting targeting criteria for a budget:

  • With this update, we’ve made selecting targeting criteria more straightforward. Now, if sites or categories are not selected, your ads will serve to all available inventory within the marketplace.
  • We created a new Targeting Summary window so you can see all of the targeting criteria selected for your budget.
  • We’ve also moved Placement level targeting to the Targeting tab in order to put all targeting criteria in once place.


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