You're Missing 40% Of Your Audience. Here Are The Consequences

MediaPost | August 14, 2020 Cookies are already half broken — and have been for a while.

MediaPost | August 14, 2020 - We’re all aware of Google’s looming 2022 third-party cookie deadline. But here’s the thing: Cookies are already half broken — and have been for a while.

In his recent piece for MediaPost, Nativo CEO Justin Choi discusses what advertisers are currently missing when they rely on traditional data targeting for their campaigns - and what they can do about it.

Safari Users

Safari (iOS) represents about 55% of mobile traffic, compared to 39% on Chrome (Android). These users tend to have higher incomes, spend more time in apps, engage more deeply and are more likely to be early adopters. When marketers rely on third-party cookies, these users are often left out.

Niche Targeting

Niche targeting is dependent on third-party cookies. In cookieless environments like Safari and Firefox, traditional assets in a marketer’s toolbox disappear, including frequency capping, attribution and standard campaign measurement metrics.


To solve the problem, brands have three solutions:

  • Contextual targeting
  • Ecosystem-wide solutions, like LiveRamp IdentityLink
  • Fully cookieless targeting (still on the horizon)

Read more about this current cookie-based problem and its solutions from Justin Choi in MediaPost.

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Justin Choi Nativo CEO
Justin Choi
Nativo CEO

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