How Tourism Marketers Can Boost Content Visibility

PhocusWire | June 1, 2020 Strategies for tourism marketers to better connect with travelers during and post-COVID-19.

PhocusWire | June 1, 2020 -  In her recent article for PhocusWire, Nativo Travel Lead Rachel-Jean Firchau outlines four tips for DMOs to create successful, holistic content strategies in our next normal.

Start with the right audience in mind

Relationships with travel are changing as we enter our next normal. As safer-at-home restrictions begin lifting, DMOs should focus on local and drive-market travelers that are comfortable traveling to destinations near their homes.

Go beyond the usual content suspects

Now isn’t the time to continue with business as usual. DMOs should experiment with new content formats, including virtual guides, restaurant roundups, road trip routes and more to engage and inspire consumers as they begin thinking about localized travel.

Find the right influencers

Right now readers are consuming more content than ever, referencing their favorite blogs and relevant publications for information. DMOs should consider partnering with the right influencers, especially those who are local, to help communicate pertinent information on reopening plans, etc.

Syndicate content to find new audiences

It’s important to remember that the strength and number of content distribution channels is almost as important as the content itself. DMOs should extend the lifecycle of their content by distributing it across both owned and operated channels and trusted third party providers.

Read all of Rachel’s travel marketing recommendations on PhocusWire.

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Rachel-Jean Firchau Travel Industry Lead Nativo
Rachel-Jean Firchau
Travel Industry Lead

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