Visit St. Pete/Clearwater Sees 90% Increase in Click-Through Rate with SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences

Nativo worked with Visit St. Pete/Clearwater to generate and maintain awareness among potential travelers


Visit St. Pete/Clearwater sought to generate and maintain awareness among potential travelers, engaging them with personalized and compelling content while driving site visitation on VSPC.


Expand VSPC's engaged audience using SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences to drive meaningful interactions via Nativo's Native Article with Skins Format by:

  • Finding new cookieless engagers: SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences, leveraged VSPC's historical engagement data to build a custom audience model based on behavior, activating VSPC-based target audiences with travel and adjacent interests
  • Driving full funnel outcomes: Nativo's eye-catching Native Article with Skins format maximized visual impact, which drove action and built awareness among broader local audiences

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater was very impressed with the efficient and effective results from SPARC to reach our visitor profile within our targeted markets.

Results like this deliver meaningful engagement and a positive ROI from bookings measured by our media tracking products.

– Eddie Kirsch, Director of Digital and Data for Visit St. Pete/Clearwater


Our VSPC campaign exceeded all KPI's with SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences:

  • 90% increase on overall Click Through Rate
  • 29% increase on overall time spent on content
  • 46% increase on overall Call to Action Rate

Our SPARC results proved the efficacy of Nativo's cookieless solution in expanding engaged pools for Visit St. Pete/Clearwater beyond our standard contextual and cookie-based targeting.

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