We Gave MFA Sites Their Power. Here’s What Happens When We Take It Away

By Justin Choi, Founder & CEO, Nativo

Right now, there’s a tidal wave of disdain within the digital advertising industry being directed toward made-for-advertising (MFA) sites right now. It’s good when a light is shined on the context of where ads appear. However, if we don’t simultaneously acknowledge what’s going to happen if MFA sites collapse in the face of this scrutiny, our industry is in for one hell of a rude awakening.

What’s left after MFA sites disappear will represent the true internet. It’s akin to when Neo takes the red pill in “The Matrix” and Morpheus tells him, “Welcome to the real world.”

The true internet might be a scary place at first. It’s a lot smaller than we thought, and “brand safe” inventory pools are even smaller. But it’s real—and there’s an opportunity to rebuild better. 

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