What Are the Biggest Native Advertising Platforms?

Dive into the world of native advertising and explore the platforms that are shaping the future of digital advertising

As brands strive to connect with audiences in a more authentic and non-disruptive manner, native advertising platforms have become indispensable tools. But which platforms stand out from the rest? Let’s delve into the world of native advertising and explore the platforms that are shaping the future of digital advertising.


MGID positions itself as a native advertising platform that enhances user engagement through personalized content recommendations. The platform employs AI-driven algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences, delivering tailored content designed to resonate with the audience. MGID's global reach and extensive network of publishers make it an attractive option for advertisers seeking to maximize their campaign's impact across diverse demographics.


Nativo specializes in native advertising for publishers, brands, and agencies. The specialized platform offers a range of native ad formats and targeting options, making it easy to use content to drive influence and outcomes. The company’s patented technology leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the distribution of content in a non-interruptive, fully integrated experience within trusted environments. It stands apart from others due to its ability to easily scale existing brand content to 228M+ users across 7,000+ publisher-direct relationships to achieve campaign KPIs and deliver business outcomes. Brands that work with Nativo drive 5x more time spent, 2x greater click-through rates, and 2x lower conversion costs than common alternatives.


Outbrain is a content discovery platform that emphasizes amplifying content reach through native advertising. Outbrain leverages personalized recommendations to connect advertisers with their target audience, increasing brand visibility and engagement. The platform's strength lies in its ability to promote content across a multitude of publishers.


RevContent prioritizes quality over quantity. This native advertising platform emphasizes delivering engaging and relevant content to users, ensuring a positive and non-intrusive experience. With a commitment to stringent content quality standards, RevContent provides a platform for advertisers to connect with an audience genuinely interested in their offerings. 


Sharethrough is a global independent omnichannel ad exchanges that maximizes user attention and advertiser performance through research-backed ad enhancements for video, CTV, display and native ads while curating ad inventory for optimized directness, sustainability and quality.

The platform seamlessly integrates branded content into the natural flow of websites and apps, maintaining a smooth user experience. 


Taboola provides content recommendation widgets that appear on many popular websites and allows advertisers to promote their content to a wide audience. The platform uses algorithms to analyze user behavior, presenting them with relevant content seamlessly integrated into the page. 


TripleLift stands out for its emphasis on visual creativity in native advertising. The platform enables advertisers to create visually appealing and highly engaging ads that seamlessly blend with the surrounding content. With a strong focus on native display and programmatic technology, TripleLift focuses on delivering compelling narratives through visually compelling ad formats.

Native advertising has become a cornerstone of digital marketing, offering a balance between brand promotion and user experience. The platforms mentioned above represent the vanguard of native advertising, each bringing unique features to the table. Whether it's through content discovery, quality engagement, or visual creativity, the biggest native advertising platforms are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of online advertising.


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