Terms Of Use

Publisher will not display content on its website or applications that: (a) is obscene, defamatory, illegal, can be characterized as fake news, deceptive, gambling-related, hateful, promotes bullying, violates right of any person or property, or discriminates against individuals based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or nationality; (b) promotes weapons, or illegal activity; (c) uses materials encouraging or promoting terrorism or violence; (d) uses pornographic material or contains “adult content”, (e) is primarily directed to children under 16; (f) is considered adware or spyware; or (g) otherwise violates the written policies regarding website and apps as made available by Quantcast from time to time.


To the extent that Publisher’s web pages or apps are accessed by end users in the European Economic Area, Publisher agrees to implement a transparency and consent solution compatible with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (such as Quantcast Choice). Publisher shall prominently display a user friendly, easily accessible, clear and comprehensive privacy policy on its website which complies with applicable law and provides notice to site visitors that its site or service permits data collection for interest-based advertising, a description of the data collected, and the means of collection, as well as to provide a link to an opt-out mechanism or revocation page, as applicable. Wherever possible, Publisher agrees to name Quantcast as a party for or by whom cookies or similar technologies are used to access the website or apps.