Terms Of Use

All publishers accepting demand from The Rubicon Project, Inc. agree not to make available any inventory on media that contains, displays, promotes, includes or consists of any of the following: (a) obscene, pornographic, or adult content, including full nudity, or depictions of sexual acts; (b) gambling; (c) graphic or excessively violent content (games and music may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, with Rubicon Project’s prior express consent); (d) discriminatory content, including content that promotes discrimination by race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation; (e) harassment, bullying, threats or similar content that advocates against any group, organization or individual; (f) controlled substances, including illegal drugs and paraphernalia; (g) file-sharing or torrent sites; (g) Manga/Anime, unless you own the intellectual property rights to such content; (h) hacking/cracking; (i) sale of pirated goods; (j) content that compensates users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches or surfing websites; (k) inventory that changes user preferences or browser settings or that initiates downloads without the user’s consent; (l) inventory that, with the intent to deceive, redirects users to unwanted websites; (m) inventory that contains or loads pop-ups or pop-unders; or (n) rotating video inventory that is loaded into display inventory slots. 


Without Rubicon Project’s prior express consent, you must not make available any inventory that contains, displays, promotes, includes or consist of the following: (a) firearms, weapons, and ammunition; (b) memes; (c) prescription drugs; (d) alcohol; or (e) tobacco or tobacco products.


The above is not an exhaustive list. Rubicon Project may reject any individual media on which ad inventory is being sold upon written notice and delivered as soon as reasonably practicable after such determination is made.