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The first analytics platform powering content strategy, measurement and optimization for healthcare marketers.


Guide the patient journey with a data-driven, end-to-end solution for brand content

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Connect Content Strategy to the Patient Journey

Who is your target audience, what are their unique needs and where can we find them? HLTHQ begins with an automated audit of your content across branded, unbranded and partner sites to identify the assets that drive the most engagement and conversions against your high-value actions. From there, we’ll create a data-informed plan to elevate your content strategy, aligning it with the patient journey.


Identify Top Performing Content Across Every Channel

Between paid, owned and social channels, it’s difficult to track and measure all your content against ROI metrics. HLTHQ consolidates individual pieces of content across all distribution channels into a single dashboard. Discover engagement and conversions for each piece of your content - and your competitors’ - so you can evaluate top-performing content and develop new concepts based on competitive insights.

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Drive Greater Business Results

Transform your insights into an informed and improved content strategy. Easily optimize top performing content that’s driving real business outcomes like script lift.

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