Minority-Owned Nativo Joins MAVEN Database As Certified Diversity Supplier

We're pleased to share that Nativo has joined Media Framework’s network of diversity suppliers through MAVEN

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 7, 2023 – Nativo, the native advertising platform where advertisers and publishers distribute brand stories at scale and gain unparalleled insights about their content, is pleased to announce today it has joined Media Framework’s network of diversity suppliers through MAVEN, a diversity discovery and reporting platform that encompasses the most comprehensive and validated diverse-owned media database in the industry. 

MAVEN, launched in 2008 in collaboration with the four major advertising agency holding companies to facilitate media ownership and diversity reporting. Media Framework partnered with ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) and Nielsen in 2021 with the mutual goal of developing strategies to facilitate increased investment in multicultural and inclusive-owned media. AIMM is dedicated to increasing visibility and access to invest in and develop Multicultural and Inclusive Owned Media in order to help brands and agencies plan and measure fair investments commensurate with opportunity.

As an organization, Nativo aims to represent the diversity of the target audiences that brands and publishers seek to connect with and prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive workplace that encourages creativity, engagement, and a sense of belonging. As more and more organizations adopt supplier diversity programs, being included in the MAVEN Diversity supplier network ensures that Nativo is accessible to advertisers, agencies and publishers actively seeking partnerships with diverse suppliers. 

“We applaud the work that Media Framework is doing with their MAVEN database,” said Justin Choi, Founder and CEO of Nativo. “Part of the core mission at Nativo is to build a people-first, values-driven culture where everyone has a voice and diversity is a strength. We appreciate efforts such as MAVEN that support a similar mission and are proud to be included in their database as a minority-owned business.”

“I commend Nativo for its commitment to undergo the rigor of NMSDC certification, giving potential partners the highest level of confidence in its diverse-owned status,” said Kathleen Coffey, Founder & CEO of Media Framework. ”We encourage all diverse-owned media and media-related businesses to become certified and provide resources to do so, and work with all diverse-owned media to provide robust profiles of their offerings. We are passionate about growing investment in identifying owned and endemic diversity and Nativo has made an important step towards increasing investment.”

In addition to being added to the MAVEN Diversity platform, Nativo is also certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and was recognized by Comparably as one of its Best Companies for Diversity and Best Companies for Women in 2023.

About Nativo

At Nativo, we enable brands and publishers to harness the power of content. Our patented technology leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the distribution of content in a non-interruptive, fully integrated experience within trusted environments. Our mission at Nativo is to solve the mid-funnel and build genuine connections between brands and consumers through content—not just ads.

Founded by Justin Choi in 2010, Nativo is an Asian American-owned technology company—certified by NMSDC as a Minority Business Enterprise—holding more than a dozen patents in its proprietary technology and working with more than 3,500 premium publisher websites around the globe. Learn more at www.nativo.com.

About Media Framework and MAVEN
Media Framework identifies, organizes and simplifies media properties and market information for advertisers, agencies, media owners and advertising-related businesses. Our data management expertise is in designing data enrichment attributes and systems that inform the planners, buyers, and sellers of media across disciplines so they can make informed decisions quickly, efficiently, and economically regarding media, ownership, and diverse-owned media. We link to buying platforms for automated ad spend against many factors. This is achieved by cleansing, mapping and ongoing data management utilizing MAVEN UIDs. In short, we facilitate business intelligence.


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