Reach for Gold: Nativo’s Summer Olympics Strategy

Harness the global platform of the 2024 Summer Olympics to elevate your brand's visibility

This summer, the 2024 Paris Olympics are a key highlight of our Summer Sports Strategy, transcending the typical 17-day event to create an extended celebration of global athletics. Our strategic coverage begins months in advance, deepening engagement and setting the stage for the world's most thrilling sports events.

What Does the Olympics Mean for Brands?

  1. Global Audiences: With billions of viewers tuning in from around the world, brands can reach a massive, diverse, and global audience.
  2. High Engagement: Olympics viewers are highly engaged, providing brands the opportunity to create a lasting impression on a captivated audience.
  3. Positive Brand Association: The Olympics are associated with excellence, unity, and international cooperation. Brands can align themselves with these positive values by advertising during the games, enhancing their reputation and creating a positive emotional connection with consumers.
  4. Increased Media Coverage: The extensive media coverage of the Olympics amplifies the reach of advertisements. This multi-channel exposure helps brands maintain a strong presence and visibility.
  5. Creative Campaigns & Storytelling: The inspirational stories of athletes and the spirit of competition provide fertile ground for creative and emotionally resonant campaigns. Brands can craft compelling narratives that resonate with the audience’s sense of aspiration and achievement.
  6. Social Media Buzz: The Olympics generate substantial social media activity, providing brands with opportunities for real-time marketing and engagement.
  7. Long-term Brand Recall: Advertisements often have a lasting impact on brand recall during the Olympics. Consumers are more likely to remember the brands they saw long after the event has concluded.
  8. Competitive Advantage: For brands in highly competitive industries, advertising during the Olympics can provide a significant edge over competitors who do not. It signals a brand’s strength and commitment to being part of global cultural moments.

How to Connect Content to Outcomes at the Summer Olympics

  • Stick the Launch: Utilize your existing Olympics TV & Social assets and distribute content across contextually relevant news and sports environments using turnkey executions such as Video, Article, Stories and Display
  • Hit Your Target: The Olympics has a variety of niche interests; Utilize SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences, to create custom segments specific to your brand via engagement signals or use existing off-the-shelf segments
  • Medal in Measurement: Proprietary measurement tools allow you to gain insights into the personas engaged and content consumed to make continual optimizations and recommendations

Harness the global platform of the 2024 Summer Olympics to elevate your brand's visibility. Partner with Nativo to tap into the excitement and passion of Olympic fans from around the world.

Are you ready to make your brand a part of Olympic history? Activate your campaign with us today and seize this opportunity to engage with dedicated sports enthusiasts across the globe.


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